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Feel The Culture

The exhibition whuch allow to blind people to explore the culture and architectural monuments of different countries. 


Models of the world's masterpieces are made by modern equipment. Using 3D printing technology allows to get very high-quality models, thus the greatest informative value of tactile learning is achieved


Together with the study of tactile pieces, visitors can hear traditional music, typical of a particular culture, as well as description, interesting facts and the legend of the famous sights 


Also, along with the tactile exploration and audio accompaniment, a person can feel the flavors inherent to the significant culture


Each exhibit is provided with a plaque with the theoretical information printed in Braille 

The exhibition comprises of three-dimensional models - exact replicas of the world architectural structures. People can discover them by tactile sensations. 

    All copies of architectural monuments are printed on a 3D printer. They have high quality and most accurately reproduce the relief features of authentic buildings. 

  Visitors can combine tactile sensations with the scents and the music, all characteristics of a particular culture. Moreover, a short description and interesting facts about the monument - recorded on audio files with the help of professional actors - complete the experience.

Entanglement of 3 senses allows to get fully acquainted with the cultures of the world, to plunge
deeply into the atmosphere of the culture and to feel it.

This exhibition is available also for sighted people, but they should be blindfolded. Thus other senses sharpen and person studies architecture in a completely different way. 

We help the blind feel the world

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Taras Zhyvokorentsev